Video Q&A: Shielding Paint against Magnetic Fields

Video Q&A: Can I use shielding paint against magnetic fields? We get asked lots of questions by our friends on Social Media. We answer them here. KEVIN ASKED... Kevin is in Singapore and wondered if he can use shielding paint to reduce the magnetic field exposure he now experiences inside his home.

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Magnetic fields as electronic pollution – 006

 Health Stronghold Podcast - Episode 6 Magnetic Fields - by Patrick van der Burght Welcome and thank you for listening to Episode 6! - Go to previous Podcast - Go to next Podcast In this episode Magnetic fields are a radiation type that needs to be investigated in every home. No matter if you live there already or are looking at buying or renting a property. Magnetic fields are different from the other EMF radiation types because it can't really be shielded against in domestic situations. In this episode Patrick explains: what causes magnetic fields? what are common sources of [...]

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Living near power lines – How close is too close? – 004

Living near power lines - How close is too close? Health Stronghold Podcast - Episode 4 Welcome and thank you for listening to Episode 4! Go to next Podcast Power lines, big or small, may or may not be a serious health burden depending on many factors. In this podcast Patrick explains the burning question so many people have: What distance is safe when it comes to living near power lines? We trust you'll find this podcast to give great insight into the factors involved. Also list to the 'EMF Radiation, a detailed introduction' podcast   << Right click here and [...]

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