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Know what you’re doing
Know what to look for
Know how to use your EMF meter
Know what values are a concern

The Self-Guided Online Courses that should go with every EMF Meter purchase

online course in use of EMF meters

You’d learn so much with some training on how to hold your EMF meter and interpret the readings

You’re buying or are about to purchase an EMF meter, and so you should. Your exposure has never been higher and now with 5G here things are getting worse. Owning your own meter is great and you’ll be sharing it with friends and family, but just with a the meter purchase you find yourself a bit too unsure…. Are you using it correctly?

Are you holding it correctly?
Are you moving it through a space correctly?
What does a ‘low’ number mean really… is it low?
When should you be concerned?

All this and more is covered in Patrick’s Self-Guided Online courses. You’ll be able to log in and watch the videos on every subject when it suits you and you’ll have years to enjoy the program, giving you the confidence you desperately seek once you own your meters.

Patrick van der Burght
Patrick van der BurghtSenior Managing Partner GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL
Patrick has taught hundreds of people across the continents and many have gone on to assist their community with EMF radiation.
Patrick is an international speaker on the subject of EMF, is likely the person with the most experience consulting on Radiation-Free Building and assist ordinary families, corporate high-flyers, celebrities and royalty with home assessments and improvements.

These Self-Guided EMF Radiation Assessment Online Course for Amateurs are available featuring one specific meter, or a collection of popular meters. You can purchase access to the course itself, or purchase your meter with a course which is often very attractive.

Check out the shop for amateur EMF meters and courses.

Have you maybe got a professional interest? Why not learn how to assess, mitigate and start you business in the EMF Assessment and Mitigation Business Start-Up Course instead?

Below some videos of people who have done professional level training with Patrick van der Burght. You’ll be in good hands.

Listen to some who have experience with Patrick