Video Q&A: Buying a house near transmission lines. What is dangerous?

We get asked lots of questions by our friends on Social Media. We answer them here.


‘I have been searching online to find some information or someone to talk to about a house. I came across you on GEOVITAL and needed to ask you for your help if you would be so kind to direct me on what to do or any advice would be so incredibly appreciated.

So here is the question, the house is approximately 15km from a massive electric substation (BC Canada)
And is also the same distance from the high voltage wires that come off it … I am just sick thinking that it even has the slightest potential to harm my children or us and wish I had known before we made our offer… What would you suggest I buy to test the property and surrounding area? and what do I look for? When I hire someone what do I need to have tested? Or would you recommend to just run knowing that distance??

Please let me know what you think! I am desperate for someone’s advise/help to tell me if this is safe and I can’t seem to find the right info I am looking for online!’