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Our approach has come from over 40 years of experience working with patients of our natural health clinic in Austria. A unique postition has defined our approach to the problems of EMF radiation, including the way we assess and mitigate this common problem in homes. The body plays a much bigger role in our assessments, and products are design for long-term compatibility which goes well beyond reducing EMF radiation significantly. A desirable approach when you think about it, but sadly rare in our industry.

The GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection also offers training to amateur and professional level students and guides a near global network of consultants. Patrick’s Podcast channel and this website are a great source of information about EMF radiation and healthier living. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date and explore this site for articles, news, video Q&A and training options.

Investigating the facts of your home EMF exposure
should be the basis for any mitigation

EMF Radiation is big business for some. For those in our team, it has always come from wanting to help people with an approach that suits the  long-term benefit instead of ‘just against radiation’. You won’t find gadgets here that don’t make sense, no experiments, because our clients and patients want solutions and wish to maximise the chances for success.
Uncovering the facts should be the basis for any mitigation and purchases, so our assessment and consultation services should come before product purchases. This is also why you’ll gain access to Health Client Discounts after having done an assessment with one Patrick’s consultants around the world.

We are working to support health every day!

Development of T98 shielding paint against EMF and 5G

All of our product development arose out of necessity. We were searching for long-term health solutions for health clients, more so than something to sell. The majority of our products provide technical protection against electrosmog (EMFs and RF) and natural radiation from the earth. Additionally, we have developed a therapeutic bed system designed to avoid so many of the health burdens found in other mattresses. It provides wonderful support for back pain sufferers and plays an integral part in our aim to create the healthiest bedroom environments for restful and regenerative sleep.

A long time ago, we were confronted with the need for protection of our patients and health clients against radio frequency radiation, like that or cell phone towers (3G, 4G, 5G), radar, airport navigation systems and Wi-Fi. Nothing existed and we invested T98 shielding paint. Highly effective in shielding, but also crafted carefully with the aim not to include ingredients that could cause negative effects over the longer term.

Because we care deeply about doing things right, we had to develop our T98 shielding paint with one arm tied on our back. A painful process but worth it in the end. High performance, easy to apply for the layperson and designed around ‘health’ (not just RF radiation).

Identifying in the bedrooms of patients and health clients that the mattresses were a serious health burden in more ways than you could imagine, we started making a shopping list for our patients to go shopping with. With a list of criteria in hand they searched in bedding stores only to come up empty handed.

No manufacturer cares about aeration to the skin. Neither has ‘being antistatic’ ever been on their radar as well as a heap more we had on our wish list for our patients and clients. In the end, we had to create a mattress ourselves. – We tried taking our design and successes to the large manufacturers and asked if they wanted to take over and pay us royalties… When we told them the non-toxic glue takes 3 days to dry… they laughed…. Time is money. – Even organic mattresses really doesn’t mean much when lots of people have hidden intolerance issues with the natural materials. Getting it right was tricky, but we have delighted sleepers now for nearly three decades.

EMF Consultant training is normally all about radiation. Upon closer inspection, when the student’s interest is to start in new industry and help their community, then learning how start and grow your consultant business is equally important on the way to being successful in helping people. Patrick van der Burght developed the only EMF consultant training in the world where the business of being a consultant is give ample time through hours worth of business insights spread over 12 months from when the typically 3 month consultant training starts.

Whilst staying true to our near 40 years of experience with patients and the way we used to teach people, the learning process was completely overhauled in a world-first. Theory is done online, with weekly portions that student can work through themselves when convenient, followed by weekly online (zoom) review sessions with Patrick. Over 6 weeks, the theory is covered in great depth and whilst that alone can already see someone capable to assist others, the in-person practical workshop propels the experience to height not offered in any training on earth. Back to back actual home assessments will be done and geopathic stress skills are being taught. The whole process ‘start to finish’ referred to as the EMF Assessment and Mitigation Business Start-Up Course.