EMF Radiation Home Assessment along the East Coast of Australia

Patrick van der Burght is one of the most recognised EMF consultants globally and in October 2022 he will be driving up the east coast of Australia to do home assessment in areas where he otherwise might not come. Take the opportunity to book an assessment and you may even alter his intended route so he can come see you.

EMF radiation assessments east coast Australia

This is the rough route Patrick will take in his October East Coast Australia tour. Offering EMF radiation home assessments along the route.

Which areas on the east coast is Patrick available this October?

EMF radiation assessments south west VictoriaThe route is not set in concrete, so contact us and tell us where you went him to go. As a rough guide he will be leaving Melbourne and heading the south west coast of Victoria to Lakes Entrance and on towards to Eden and Batemans Bay in NSW.

EMF radiation assessments Batemans Bay Canberra

From there a dogleg to Canberra is on the cards followed by a visit to Sydney. After a few days there it is on to Newcastle, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. Byron bay of course where he was a speaker once at a massive event. Then on the the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

From there he intends to head a little land inwards towards Warwick QLD, Glen Innes, Armidale NSW, Dubbo and Wagga Wagga. To end by going through Albury Wodonga, possibly Shepparton and back to Melbourne.

You can view the intended route on Google Maps here.

Rough schedule

Mon 3rd October 2022: Departure Melbourne towards Lake Entrance and Eden NSW
Wed 5th October 2022: Canberra
Fri 7th to Sun 9th October 2022: Sydney area
Wed 12th and 13th October 2022: Coffs Harbour area
Friday 14th October 2022: Byron Bay
Monday 17th & 18th October 2022: Gold Coast
Wednesday 19th & 20th October 2022: Brisbane
Friday 21st & 22nd October 2022: Sunshine Coast
Sunday 23rd October 2022: Armidale
and further south via Dubbo, Wagga Wagga and Albury

What to expect in a GEOVITAL style EMF Home Assessment?

Patrick is the director of GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL. GEOVITAL has its origins as a natural health clinic and specialised in improving homes and bedrooms in the 3 areas their experience showed had the biggest impact on health. EMF radiation, Geopathic Stress and the mattresses that people slept on. During the assessment Patrick will bring his wealth of experience to your home and together with you, investigate how to improve your environment.

EMF radiation assessments Sydney Newcastle Coffs Harbour

What is the cost of an EMF assessment by Patrick van der Burght on this tour?

An GEOVITAL Home Assessment takes about 2-4 hours to do. Normally, if you are not in Melbourne, Patrick would add a travel fee of $100 an hour plus travel expenses like airfare and rental car cost, on top of his assessment fee. His assessment fee in Melbourne is normally AUD 1250 (including up to 3 bedrooms) but to do an assessment in Sydney you would quickly be looking at over $2000-2500 once flights and car hire get added up. On this tour, as he ‘already driving by’, the travel fees are not added. If he can take your booking (unless well off the intended route) it will be for just the AUD 1250.

EMF radiation assessments Byron Bay Gold Coast Surfers Paradise BrisbaneDiscount for haven’t had an EMF home assessment done by any of our consultants

As GEOVITAL has been offering for a long time, home assessment clients will be issued with a health client code that gives them a 15% discount on most of our solutions. This included shielding materials like T98 paint, NOVA fabric and GPA mesh, as well as our sleeping products. If you were considering purchasing EMF protection anyway, it make double sense to do an assessment first and earn a fair bit of your assessment fee back when you make purchases.

To contact us about an assessment on Patrick’s tour, contact us through this form.


Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and EMF consultant Patrick van der Burght

Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and EMF Consultant Patrick van der Burght

Why is Patrick van der Burght a global EMF expert?

Patrick has been active in EMF radiation assessment, mitigation and consultant training for over a decade and his clients range from ordinary families to celebrities, corporate high-flyers and even Royal families. Patrick is the senior managing partner of GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL which has near 40 years experience in this field. Patrick teaches people around the world how to be professional EMF consultants and his passion is in Radiation-Free Building. Here some more facts you may not know:

  • Patrick is recognised as a global authority in the EMF radiation assessment and wholistic mitigation.
  • He is a frequent guest on podcasts and summits, as well as that he has his own podcast channel
  • An international speaker on the subject of EMF radiation as a health burden, its assessment, avoidance and mitigation, including on medical congresses
  • Patrick has countless videos on Youtube on EMF radiation. and he
  • has valued clients in most continents.

You too can get Patrick to assist your family to make a more health supportive home.

Don’t put it off any longer – Put your hand up

Take advantage of the fact Patrick is traveling past your home and is waiving his normal travel fee for ‘close to en-route’ locations. Contact us today, let us know where you are and that you’re interested in getting an assessment.