Phone Towers too close to people in Scheveningen

Many would consider it criminal how close people are allowed to get their heads near active phone tower transmitters on the pier in Scheveningen in the Netherlands. We have never seen anything like it and there are no warning signs! Normally phone towers are kept some distance away from people. The distance is often still way too close when we consider the vast amount of peer reviewed research studies in the effects of phone tower radiation. This keeps us very busy implementing radiation protection in the homes of people with chronic health issues and those who are health focussed.

When we were in the Netherlands and visiting Scheveningen pier, we were shocked to look up and see phone tower transmitter panels only 1.5m (5feet) away from people’s heads on Scheveningen pier. Totally unaware pedestrians casually stand in front of powerful transmitters and have their brain, reproductive organs and materials, and other organs blasted with radiation. If trades people like electricians or plumbers need to work on rooftops where phone towers are present, they get them turned off before they go anywhere on the roof. In Scheveningen unknowing civilians get radiated at close distance.

The Hague, of which Scheveningen is part, has also been in the news when large numbers of birds fell ‘unexplainably’ dead from the trees in the time that 5G networks were being rolled out and installed. Video of news channel saying birds have been falling from the trees dead for weeks now

Is non-ionizing radiation harmless?

The idea that non-ionising radiation is harmless is far outdated and anyone clinging to the safety of very old opinions should really invest 10 minutes to educate themselves by looking at for example the bioinitiative report or listening to this interview. The idea that thermal effects (the heating of tissue) would be the first warning sign of things becoming unhealthy is of course a bit crazy. The human body has many very subtle electrical processes and our exposure to man-made radiation from electricity and radio frequency radiation is said to have increased in our environment a quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times(!). To think that ‘heating of tissue’ would not be preceded by many subtle body functions being effected, seems extreme short sighted.

What is a safe distance for a phone tower?

Just like lead paint, asbestos and smoking in airplanes was considered perfectly safe at one time and anyone who said otherwise was quickly ridiculed, we see similar reactions when it comes to phone towers and radio frequency radiation. The World Health Organisation has already classified radio frequency radiation as a possible cancer cause (class 2B) which is the same classification they put exhaust fumes in. If we consider phone tower distance away from an unprotected person, the distance would have to be very great. When we consider people inside buildings, the distance could be shorter but likely still kilometers/miles.

Increased distances for phone towers is just not going to happen. In fact, phone companies are actively trying to get towers close to the consumer of data. The addition of additional networks like 5G and soon 6G will see far more radiation exposure added to our environment. This highlights the total need for radiation protection of homes and especially bedrooms with carefully crafted emf shielding solutions like T98 shielding paint.

Look up. You’re not safe from phone towers

There is so much economic interest in the telecommunication industry and the demand is also driven by our own consumption of data through, for example, video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. If the masses consumer more data and keep pushing the network to its limits, more networks like 6G and 7G will come and governments will not risk economic losses by halting this expansion of radiation exposure. Therefor there are no safety guidelines to keep you safe. Before buying or renting a home, look up and see where phone towers are around you. When sitting down to relax or stopping to enjoy the view on a Dutch pier… look up!



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