Health Stronghold Podcast – Episode 6
Magnetic Fields – by Patrick van der Burght

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In this episode

Magnetic fields are a radiation type that needs to be investigated in every home. No matter if you live there already or are looking at buying or renting a property. Magnetic fields are different from the other EMF radiation types because it can’t really be shielded against in domestic situations.
In this episode Patrick explains:

  • what causes magnetic fields?
  • what are common sources of magnetic fields?
  • what influences the strength of magnetic fields produced?
  • why doesn’t internal wiring usually produce a lot of magnetic fields?
  • what are the conditions that reduce magnetic fields?
  • what levels of exposure to magnetic fields is a worry for health?
  • what tool do you need to measure magnetic fields?
  • how to measure magnetic fields?
  • where can you learn a lot more about magnetic fields and how to use gauss meters?

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