EMF Experts interview with Patrick van der Burght

Recognizing GEOVITAL’s presence in the EMF assessment and mitigation field for near 40 years as one of the pioneers in this area and Patrick van der Burght’s near 15 year and global involvement in home assessments, EMF-free home construction and consultant training, our friends at EMFSafe interviewed Patrick as part of their EMF Experts interview series. An in-depth discussion of what a wholistic approach to EMF should look like and how the mitigation of electric fields needs to be part of this.

EMFSafe makes the circuit cut-off switches that GEOVITAL consultants in the North America recommend to their clients, as they are licensed to manufacture these systems and the NP series cuts both the active (the hot wire) and the neutral which we at GEOVITAL think is the only right way to do (our own 220V automatic cut-off switch follows this principle too).

What are electric fields?

Electric fields come from normal electrical wiring that sits in your walls, ceiling and floors. Voltage causes it. This means that you are still exposed when there is no electricity being used, but the voltage is sitting on your wiring ready to be used. The electric field reaches about 2 meter/6 foot in distance from the source and engulfs the body at a frequency equal of that of your electrical system (50Hz or 60Hz, meaning 50 or 60 times per second this field is pushed out from your electrical wiring). Electric fields want to go to ground and as most building materials are poor conductors they latch on to our human bodies as we are the next best thing.

How do electric fields interact with our body?

It is thought that electric fields have a big impact on our sleep quality and that is certainly also GEOVITAL’s experience. The human body (and that of our pets…) is made up of cells which have electrical receptors. If we are constantly being irritated by an electrical signal (the electric field radiation) throughout our sleep, we cannot expect the body to work optimally at night. Many people who experience sleep without electric fields, comment that they sleep more restfully or wake with more energy. Regardless if the removal of electric fields produces an immediate and noticeable improvement or not, it is an important step in making a healthier sleep environment.

Disconnecting the Active (Hot) AND the neutral for EMF radiation removal?

GEOVITAL has always seen the logic of disconnecting the Active (the hot) AND the neutral wire of an electrical circuit when you’re aiming to improve health. There can be noise on the neutral cable that can still enter the entire circuit if it is not disconnected at night. Many demand switches only cut the active (hot) which is a cheap and in our opinion incomplete approach. One of the reasons we recommend EMFSafe for cut-off switches in North America, is that they followed that more wholistic approach. EMFSafe does offer options where only the active is cut, in order to stay competative with the cheap products, but we would encourage anyone to only consider the NP-range of products that cut the neutral also.



GEOVITAL is a naturopathic natural health clinic in Austria with near 40 years experience that specialised in addressing the environmental health burden found in most patients homes and has been teaching this approach to doctors, therapists, architects and others interested in creating healthier homes. Geovital’s network of assessors is growing worldwide but we need many more. Learn more about our training here.