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  • 5G Technoloogy and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

    5G millimeter waves could trigger virus creation like COVID-19 in cells

    NEW shocking research proposes mechanism how 5G millimeter radiation could be responsible for creation of viruses like Coronavirus within cells of the skin.

  • The AI Organisation sued Google, Facebook and other CEOs

    Cyrus Parsa, the co-founder of The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Organisation sued Facebook, Google, DeepMind, Alphabet, Tesla, CNN, Huawei, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and many more other CEOs and companies for the misuse of artificial intelligence that is endangering people.

  • The 5G Radiation Questions that LAFM Tasmania Talks didn't air

    LAFM Tasmania Talks misses the opportunity to bring some hard needed 5G Radiation Questions come to light. We discuss what we would have liked the public to know.

  • Health effects of 5G

    Media briefing on 5G with Ontario Doctors and Scientists about the latest science about the health effects of radiation from wireless devices. It consists of Expert Panel including doctors and scientists who have a warning for health conditions that are predicted to rise if we have to accept the next generation of 5g wireless technology.

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