The AI Organisation sued Google, Facebook and other CEOs

Cyrus Parsa, the co-founder of The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Organisation sued Facebook, Google, DeepMind, Alphabet, Tesla, CNN, Huawei, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and many more other CEOs and companies for the misuse of artificial intelligence that is endangering people.

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Health effects of 5G

Media briefing on 5G with Ontario Doctors and Scientists about the latest science about the health effects of radiation from wireless devices. It consists of Expert Panel including doctors and scientists who have a warning for health conditions that are predicted to rise if we have to accept the next generation of 5g wireless technology.

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Draw of the competition for Online Course

Let's draw the winners of the online course competition Earlier this year, a competition was started to celebrate the launch of Patrick's signature EMF assessment and mitigation course. The first half of this, is an incredibly comprehensive guided online course. The date has been set and the draw will be done from GEOVITAL's HQ in Sulzberg, Austria. Winners will be notified of course, but it you'd like to have a look around the HQ and see the draw done live, then register for this event. REGISTER TO ATTEND THE DRAW ONLINE Haven't entered the competition yet? You still have a little [...]

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