Stephanie Brening is traveling and available for EMF home assessments – Seattle, Eugene & Portland

Stephanie Brening is our consultant in Deer Harbor, Washington and she going on a trip to assess homes. You can secure an appointment right now.
She will be traveling from Seattle, Washington to Eugene, Oregon with a stopover in Portland, Oregon from July 26-July 29th, 2019.

To book a home assessment in your area while she is there
please contact ASAP. Slots are filling up.

Stephanie is a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner specializing in holistic health and using healthy lifestyle and food to rebalance and regain vitality. Stephanie is a radiation consultant and Geobiologist practicing home assessments for individuals and families to shield their homes against Radio Frequencies, Electric-Electromagnetic Frequencies, and mitigating Geopathic stress. Shielding a home is a vital foundation to health and healing and holistic health.
For more information contact Stephanie Brening via her profile.