EMF Consultant - Stephanie Brening

Who Am I?

Stephanie is a GEOVITAL consultant on the West Coast in the USA and Canada. Speaking at events on the West Coast and in Colorado (Boulder area). Her Holistic practice is Nutrition Intuition Llc. “An all-encompassing natural health” practice. She has been in the natural health field for 10 years.

Stephanie is also a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner focusing on holistic health and healing, balancing one’s body to heal- regain and maintain vitality naturally. The foundation of that is radiation-free living.

Based in Deer Harbor, Washington, USA


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

  • Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

Profile Picture

Stephanie Brening
“Taking care of yourself and protecting yourself against stressors (EMF’s) can be one of the most fulfilling things in life. Sharing your knowledge to those that want to listen connects us.”

Some highlights

Stephanie enjoys working with intuitive individuals who are participatory patrons in their health and healing journey.

Her favorite projects are finding solutions for individuals for every walk of life. She likes to think outside the box for individuals who need solutions for a portable lifestyle or have semi-permanent situations. She enjoys staying with those individuals as they progress to building a new shielded home or buying their first new home.

Stephanie strongly believes that creating a shielded environment should be available to anyone and everyone where ever you are at in life or location and is a vital part of health and healing.

She highly enjoys teaching the new generation about the vital role radiation-free living has in your health.

Stephanie biggest accomplishment is watching her education and home assessments of Radiation and Geopathic stress make a difference in peoples health and healing.

Stephanie likes to fill in the gaps for people literally and figuratively. The correct information about radiation and holistic health is an empowering tool. She explains things in an accessible way that leaves people feeling empowered in their own health and confident in the shielding solutions that they devise together.

She leaves people with a no-gap philosophy in their shielding and in their understanding of topics.

Stephanie lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys: cooking, hiking, being on and in the ocean, yoga and aerial silks. She is fulfilled by taking care of herself and spending time with her family.