Why should I choose GEOVITAL and Patrick van der Burght’s Team?

The thing to keep in mind when deciding who should help you to create a healthier home by incorporating EMF radiation protection, is what the background and intent of the company or consultant is that you are dealing with. With us our background is firmly grounded in our natural health clinic in Austria where this who specialisation in environmental medicine started. For us it has always been the patients that were the benchmark for anything we did. Any approach we developed, any way of investigating the problems and even more so when crafting solutions for the patients of our clinic and [...]

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How do you charge for your Radiation-Free Building consulting services?

We charge by the hour and have a minimum fee to start on your project which depends on the size of the project. A few hours for residential projects, more for large scale developments and health resorts. We charge for the time spent during planning and development of strategies for your project. For residential properties, this might be a lot less time than you would think. By the time we formulated a strategy and costings for your property, you're likely looking at just 3 to 5 hours. Any time you want us to read emails related to your project or coordinate [...]

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Is distance consulting possible on my building project?

Barbara S. in Brazil asked this - We can assist you from a distance, no problem. It is of course better to do an on-site inspection before we build, but we have assisted many people in their project purely with distance consulting. We can even teach you how to assess magnetic fields yourself with a reasonable meter we can recommend*. If you haven’t purchased your land yet, then this is ideally done before you commit to buying anything. If you have already committed, then you should check for this radiation type because it cannot be practically shielded against and if levels [...]

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