Barbara S. in Brazil asked this – We can assist you from a distance, no problem. It is of course better to do an on-site inspection before we build, but we have assisted many people in their project purely with distance consulting. We can even teach you how to assess magnetic fields yourself with a reasonable meter we can recommend*. If you haven’t purchased your land yet, then this is ideally done before you commit to buying anything. If you have already committed, then you should check for this radiation type because it cannot be practically shielded against and if levels are bad…. You might want to reconsider the entire project. You can sell the land and avoid a potential disaster.

An on-site assessment does give access to what we call ‘Health Client Pricing’, which is a sizeable discount on most shielding materials and more. Depending on the distance we need the travel, the cost of the assessment and amount of products you’ll be putting into the project…. An on-site assessment may very well pay for itself. We can do some initial consulting, investigate your plans, decide with you what the approach is going to be and therefor the costs, and from there we can work out what an onsite assessment would actually cost in the whole picture.

If we do purely distance consulting, we would take payment to start on your project by pre-paying a few hours. We’ll then analysis your plans and placement of the home on the land. Look for predictable problems we see in normal homes and work to avoid them, often in simple ways. We would look how we can improve your design by incorporating EMF radiation avoidance and mitigation techniques and strategies, whilst of course incorporating your wants and needs. When we come to an approach that appeals to you, we’ll work out costings and you’ll have a shopping list of what needs to be organised by which time during the build.

When building starts, or before it, we may need to communicate with your design and building team on how their people can incorporate the changes we recommended. All of this can be done from a distance.

* The TF2 is good for this. Find it in the online shop under meters and take the one WITH the online course so you know you’re using it correctly whilst you learn so much more about EMFs.