We charge by the hour and have a minimum fee to start on your project which depends on the size of the project. A few hours for residential projects, more for large scale developments and health resorts.

We charge for the time spent during planning and development of strategies for your project. For residential properties, this might be a lot less time than you would think. By the time we formulated a strategy and costings for your property, you’re likely looking at just 3 to 5 hours. Any time you want us to read emails related to your project or coordinate or explain things to the trade people involved is charged for BUT in case or normal residential projects only up to the point where you start purchasing our materials for the job. Meaning, any assistance or briefing required before you order the shielding paint you might be using, is charged for. Once you placed your paint order, and we need to talk to a painter for example, this time is then no longer charged for. (We see it as after-purchase service)

When building starts we may need to communicate with your design and building team on how their people can incorporate the changes we recommended. All of this can be done from a distance or potentially on-site to bring more care to the project. With larger residential properties, we often fly over to be near or on-site during the first days of implementing shielding solutions to guide the process first hand. This helps to ensure things are done effectively and nicely. You could probably guide this process yourself at that stage, but it is nice to have us on-site during this time.

If travel to your site is desired, then flights, travel expenses and time would of course be charged for. Depending where you are, visits may be able to combined with other activity in the area to lower cost.

Ignoring the cost of potential on-site visits, the cost of hours to work on your project and get you a working approach, is relatively minor considering the cost of your project or the labour bill of your electrician.

Patrick’s Radiation-Free Building Consulting Fees
Small to Medium Residential Properties initial 3 hours – USD 750 / AUD990
Hours after that – USD 250 / AUD 330 (make sure you have read above regarding no charges for hours after purchases)
To start this process, use the contact form on this page. We’ll organise your payment, you can send us your plans for review and we’ll get to work on them typically within the week.

Not committing to a project just yet?
Separate initial hour to pick his brain on approaches – USD 298 / AUD398

Contact us to schedule and pay for an appointment.