Cellphone EMF Radiation Reduction Tips for the iPhone 13

With new technology comes more and better features but sadly also increased radiation exposure to the user. With 5G being a capability now expected by the masses who do not realise its dangers, those who wish to reduce EMF radiation exposure are left to purchase technology with abilities they rather didn’t have to put up with. The launch of the iPhone 13 with 5G and 5G nnWave technology is no different. In this article some tips and a detailed video on how you can reduce your exposure to radiation with the new iPhone 13 or others phones.

Field test of the radiation of the iPhone 13 and Tips on how to lower your radiation exposure

Besides an unboxing of the new iPhone 13 Pro Max in Gold, we also recorded a detailed rundown of how EMF exposure can be reduced. Interestingly the each of the new iPhone 13 models comes in different versions depending on the country. Only the US models have millimetre wave (mmWave) technology build into the hardware. For anyone wanting to avoid exposing their loved ones or themselves to unneeded millimetre wave radiation when using 5G, a non-US version could be purchased.

Avoiding 5G altogether is likely the much better strategy and thankfully, you can choose to use 4G instead. It is sad to see that 3G is no longer provided for.

Watch this video (https://youtu.be/bPVdjOKq42o) and learn about the iPhone 13 and how to use it more wisely.

Summary of EMF radiation tips for use with the iPhone 13

The use of a phone is a choice. There is enough research indicating there is a problem and this includes studies on 3G and 4G. But it is hard to do without a cellphone nowadays. You can be smarter about when and for how long you are exposed to a phone’s EMF radiation. Or when and how you allow your kids to be exposed to this. Here are some tips and you’ll be happy to hear there is also verifiable phone radiation protection available.

  • Don’t use 5G on your new phone. There are settings where you can turn it off.
  • Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when you don’t need it.
  • Use speakerphone whenever possible.
  • Use air-tube headsets but be gentle with them
  • Use a GEOVITAL Shielding Pouch (available in the shop) whilst on calls and when in pockets of purses

Phones is not our line of work. We create healthier bedrooms.

Whilst it is nice that some information about the use of cellphones and their radiation has brought you to us, it is not our main line of work. At GEOVITAL we have been assessing home environments for nearly forty years and helping families, corporate high flyers and even royalty to improve their sleep environment so their bodies can do the amazing repair work they are able to. Forty years… you’re right… that is well before cellphone and phone towers were even on the scene! The wiring in homes is the most common and relentless exposure to EMF radiation in the home in most cases… this amongst other things has been keeping us busy for all this time. The burden to humanity is getting bigger though. How much will you put up with until you take action?

Not sure EMF radiation is a problem? Listen to this doctor explaining it in simple terms to other doctors

Some years ago Patrick van der Burght interviewed one of the great research minds in our field. Listen to insights what Dr Mallery-Blythe from the UK can give you.