Electric Fields as electronic pollution – 008

 Health Stronghold Podcast - Episode 8 Electric Fields - by Patrick van der Burght Welcome and thank you for listening to Episode 8! - Go to previous Podcast In this episode Electric fields are the unknown EMF. Almost nobody knows about them, and nearly everyone has them in their home and their sleeping environment. Causes by just the presence of voltage and attracted to ground, electric fields are not letting us alone during sleep. In this episode Patrick explains: what causes electric fields? what are common sources of electric fields? what can be done to mitigate against electric fields? How [...]

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Client's mini documentary on her EMF home assessment experience and results

After Allen came and I made changes, within 3 days, the pains that were increasing, have GONE! Chrissie Charley of the MANA Movement gives us an account of her experience during a Geobiological EMF home assessment conducted by senior consultant Allen Cheney. https://youtu.be/hW1dX8rHw3M  

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