Statin Adverse Treatment Experience Study Shows 22% are Bothered by or Unable to Tolerate Side Effects

STATIN drugs are often prescribed and as a cholesterol-lowering drug and the total sales is on track to reach an estimated US$1 TRILLION by 2020. STATIN drugs have been questioned by complementary medicine for years and more fuel to the debate is now being added by a recent study.
When looking at the experience of adverse health effects when using STATIN drugs, an enormous 22% of users felt they could keep using them because of serious and intolerable side effects.
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Whistle blower Dr Maryanne Demasi under fire for WIFI and STATIN drugs

Our friend Dr Maryanne Demasi has been under fire for being a whistle blower before. In 2016 when she was a reporter for the ABC Catalyst TV program here warnings in relation to WiFi landed her in hot water and suspended. Clearly journalists are not allowed to question things anymore.

Dr Demasi’s other battle has been been a long standing one and is with the relentless prescription of STATIN drugs as a preventative approach against cholesterol and heart disease.

The Heart of the Matter – No link between fat, eggs, meat and dairy, and cardiovascular disease

In a TV program called ‘The Heart of the Matter’, Dr Maryanne Demasi showed that there was no link between saturated fat, eggs, meat and dairy, and cardiovascular disease. She also expressed the view that statin drugs are being over prescribed. She was criticised and the program was apologised for by the ABC TV station.
A year after Dr Demasi released the program, Cambridge university released a study conducted amongst 600,000 patients which demonstrated there is NO LINK between saturated fat, eggs, meat, dairy and cardiovascular disease!
Journal of the American College of Cardiology commented on a study done over 5000 people considering a period of 10 years, which showed that 77% had high cholesterol and therefor fitted the criteria to be prescribed Statin drugs but it was of NO BENEFIT  due to the fact that half of them had a zero calcium score. (Listen to Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker comment on this)
Dr Demasi published a peer-reviewed article earlier this year ‘Statin Wars: Have we been mislef about the evidence? A narrative review’

STATIN drugs, WIFI and 5G radiation

All this highlights that popular government policy fails continuously to keep us safe when money is involved. You’d hope that after Asbestos, lead paint and smoking in airplanes, our government bodies that are meant to protect us, would take a more careful approach.
There are 20,000 plus studies showing EMF radiation is harmful, yet government continues to pull the wool over our eyes. 3G and 4G are bad enough, and now the new untested 5G network is being added. I can’t help but point out that there is a lot of money to be made from a sick population that spends all its savings on trying fix pain and suffering, than a healthy population.
Our exposure to EMF radiation and dangerous drugs continues and it is good to draw attention to the fact when our whistle blowers are being proven right.