UHS2 Pro-Level Gauss Meter.

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The UHS2 WITH DATA PORT and Rubber BOOT is a trusted base professional gauss meter to assess magnetic fields including dirty electricity fields in the air. Often purchased with the optional storage case.

Health Client discount is not available on this product. Many products do have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.


UHS2 – Professional AC Milligauss Meter with Rubber Boot

This UHS2 measures AC magnetic field in a wide frequency range of 13 Hz to 75 kHz (75,000 Hz). The frequencies include most ELF (that is, frequencies below 1 kHz) and VLF (above 1 kHz) magnetic fields.

The meter measures the true 3-axis magnitude of the AC field. Two other more specialized measurements can also be performed: 3-axis VLF-only (1kHz – 75 kHz) to measure the strength of higher-frequency fields like the amount of dirty electricity being transmitted through an environment, and 1-axis full bandwidth (13 Hz – 75 kHz) to determine the principal direction of the AC magnetic field.

Most measurements will be performed with the knob turned to 3-Axis ELF+VLF. This setting is for measurement of true magnitude of magnetic field at the widest range of frequencies (ELF + VLF).

Accessories for the UHS2 you should consider

Protective Boot for the UHS2 – Included
The meter itself can be protected during use by fitting of the protective boot. Giving the UHS2 a more robust look and you a safer feeling. The protective boot is also fitted with a collapsible stand hidden on the back your meter that allows you to position the meter on an angle that is easier to observe.
Protective Case
It is like extended warranty! Meters kept in protective cases last longer. We feel your investment should be protected and this purchase option comes with a fitted case to keep your investment safe for future professional or private use.
Data Port
The UHS2 has the ability, when fitted with a data port, to be connected to data logging software through an optional USB device (sold separately). Magnetic field strength can vary throughout the day and also week day vs weekend days can make a difference. Logging this exposure data can be very insightful and is one of the professional features enjoyed by geobiologists and building biologist. Your UHS comes with this port fitted so you have this option should you need it in the future.
The output is a 1/8″ (3.5 mm) phone jack (mono), which is similar to the jack for headphones. A plug is also supplied which has two bare wires to connect to your data acquisition system or oscilloscope. The output is a slowly-varying signal (1/4 second response time) proportional to whatever the display is reading at the time. It is positive only. An output of 2 V corresponds to full scale (1999.99 milligauss) and 0 mV corresponds to 0 field.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 7 cm
Meter Features

With Data Port, without Data Port


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