Health Client Discount

EMF home investigationWe believe that making changes to your living and sleeping space particularly, is needed in most homes to create a more health supportive environment. We do also believe that an investigation of the situation in the home by one of our trained professionals, should be the initial step before any mitigation plans are made or products are purchased.

By investigating a home or building site with one of our professionals, you:

  • Understand more fully what your exposure may be
  • Have a trained individual there to suggest approaches to deal with the found issues, and
  • When it comes to implementing your mitigation, which you can mostly do yourself if desired, you will have a professional only a phone call away to give you support who knows your property personally.

As part of our approach and interaction with clients, we have always seen those who did an on-site assessment with one of our consultants or associates as a health client of the clinic. Being a health client, traditionally involved a sharper price to help off-set the cost of an assessment but also because you were part of the ‘clinic’.

A big discount to help you get the facts about EMF radiation in your life

If you have one of our consultants or associates do an on-site EMF radiation (and geopathic stress) assessment, then you will be issued with a Health Client Code. This code, when used in the cart or check-out area, give you a 15% discount on most of our products.

Examples of what is included (exceptions apply):

  • EMF shielding products, like T98 Shielding Paint, NOVA fabric, NOVA Canopies, GPA mesh
  • Sleep solutions, like mattresses, pillows, pillow covers

Excluded are (not limited to):

  • EMF meters
  • Shielded cable
  • Courses
  • Geopathic Stress mats (already reduced to Health Client pricing on the site)
  • Professional Tools

The savings are significant and would likely pay for a consultant to drive (or fly) to you and do the fact finding assessment with you.

Health Client Status is not limited by time*

Once the on-site assessment is done, you remain a ‘Health Client’ in our eyes and will receive whatever discount is available at the time. There is therefor no need to hurry your purchases through. *Just be mindful that this arrangement can be changed or stopped at any time without notice, and of course you are best helped by making changes to your environment now instead of later.

Ask our consultants and associates about getting your Health Client Code before they visit you. If it it ‘set up’ before your assessment, you can use it straight away.

Good luck.