HF Field Probe by GEOVITAL.

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The HF Field Probe stands alone in the assessment of RF radiation. Giving an indication of body absorption, this is the chosen assessment tool for Geobiologists, Building Biologists and medical practitioners.
Health Client discount is not available on this product. Many products do have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.

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HF Field Probe by GEOVITAL – Specially designed for Geobiological and Building Biological assessments

The HF Field Probe was especially designed to expand on decades worth of body assessments for radio frequency radiation and be an instrument which the layperson (assessment client) can easy interpret as well. 30 Years of experience in the medical and environmental medicine fields contributed to the development.

Key features of the HF Field Probe

  • Large easy to read values and audio signal
  • Easy to use
  • Measurement range up to 8 GHz
  • Assessment of electrical high frequency fields in living- and sleeping areas
  • Discover the burden value to the body (for professional geobiological assessment)
  • Speaker to turn frequency into sounds
  • Hear contribution of Wi-Fi and DECT telephones
  • Reliable tool for the professional and easy to explain to the layperson ie. patients, health clients.

Electric component of radio frequency radiation

High frequency fields can be assessed in μV (microvolts) through use of the included contact aerial. Whilst a slight indication of AIR exposure can be shown, this meter was designed for assessment of the human body. When health is the interest, an assessment of the body burden to RF is given great importance in geobiology and may give greater insights than an assessment of the AIR.

The body acts as an antenna and absorbs many of the frequencies that hit the body. The HF Field Probe gives a representation of the accumulated exposure between 10MHz up to 8GHz in microvolts.

Field strength (RF) increases or decrease through:

  • Distance from the RF source
  • Output power of the RF source
  • Type, structure and orientation of the RF source
  • Influences (interference) of transmitters in the area.

The tone of the audible signal will depend on the intensity of the source and the type of transmitter source.

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The difference between building biological and geobiological assessment of RF radiation

In building biology training radio frequency radiation done by measuring the output of transmitters in W/m² and thus the AIR is investigated. The issue of body coupling is then not assessed and not possible.

In a geobiological / medical fashion, radio frequency radiation in μV, is assessed as incoming electrical voltage, and thus the BODY is investigated. This is very interesting as, depending the size, shape and orientation of the person (standing up vs laying in bed) the intensity of RF that the nervous system is burdened by, can be assessed.

This type of assessment has been called a ‘medical assessment’ since the 1990s. With this way of assessing, the biologically tolerable value we’d like to be below is 30 μV. If this is not the case and values are too high, then RF shielding through the creation of Faraday cage with quality shielding products in urgently recommended.

It should be mentioned that many consultants trained though building biology also use this meter to assess the body, and there are many building biologist amongst the GEOVITAL network who have done additional training with us.

Find more information about shielding products on this site.

After successful shielding, the BODY value should reduce significantly and would ideally fall below 30μV, in which case the man on the display indicates ‘OK’.

Battery pack of the HF Field Probe

The HF Field Probe comes with a LiPo battery specially designed for this unit. The state of the battery is indicated by a battery symbol that changes from green to red.

Scope of delivery

  • HF Field Probe
  • 4 GHz antenna
  • 8 GHz antenna
  • 2.5 GHz low pass filter
  • Charger (110 and 220V suitable with European connection)
  • Charger cable
  • Fact sheet

2.5 GHz Low-Pass Filter – Convert your HF Field Probe into the old Hengstenberg device

In terms of assessing the body burden of RF radiation on the body itself, the Hengstenberg device had established itself as the standard since the 1990s. Primarily physicians and environmental medicine practitioners used this meter to establish if their patient or client’s body was being burdened. This exposure standard recommendation within geobiology, have been developed over the last 20 years, using this device.

In 2012 the production of the Hengstenberg device stopped. Since there was no meter to take its place and no manufacturer willing to develop a replacement, GEOVITAL took it upon itself to embark on a 250,000 euro development program to create a substitute meter that would function like the Hengstenberg device did. After 4 years, the HF Field Probe was made available and in 2016.

The old Hengstenberg digitmeter claimed to have the ability to measure up to 4 GHz, but its abilities were limited by the materials it was made from. As stainless steel was used for measuring components and antennas, the usable range can only go up t0 2.65 GHz. Stainless steel can not detect higher frequencies. Laboratory measurements have shown a realistic maximum range of 2.4 – 2/5 GHz for this meter.

The HF Field Probe was designed for frequencies up to 8 GHz. The reason why a higher upper limit was not chosen, had simple to do with the affordability of the components. At higher frequencies, custom made components would have been needed and meter would have become excessively expensive.

HF Field Probe users have the choice

To enable the user to build on the past experiences of the meter used in the past, the HF Field Probe is at supplied with a Low-Pass filter. This reduces the capabilities of the HF Field Probe to a maximum 2.5 GHz comparable with the RF meter that its design was based on. This is interesting because physicians have agreed on recommended maximum exposure values, above which shielding is highly recommended, based on the experiences with patients and clients in the past. For those users wanting to utilise this meter in reference to the excepted guidelines from the past, this filter allows this to be done.

IMPORTANT: SALE IS FINAL. We expressly do not accept returns on instrumentation. What you buy from us always new. Therefor, do make your decision carefully and do not purchase this to take a few measurements and then expect to send it back. If uncertain about your purchase, please contact us or speak to other owners of a HF Field Probe.


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