Shielding Canopy from NOVA fabric.

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Health Client discount is available.  Many products have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.

NOVA is not only a high-performance shielding fabric, but its characteristics for high air permeability as well as high light permeability really stand out when used as a shielding canopy.

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RF Radiation Shielding Canopy from amazing NOVA

EMF Shielding Canopy in Austria

Single EMF Shielding Canopy made from NOVA fabric shown in Austria

After much anticipation, the NOVA shielding canopy to protect against RF radiation is now available.
NOVA is not only a high performance shielding fabric, but its characteristics for high air permeability as well as high light permeability combined with exceptional shielding effectiveness, really stand out when used as a shielding canopy. A unique combination of features designed for the wholistic approach you’re used to from us.

Why and when to use a Shielding Canopy for your protection against phone tower and other radiation?

The best way to deal with EMF radiation in your life, is first of all to get an assessment done by one of our trained consultants. Our consultants follow an approach and ways of assessing based on our 35+ years of experience with our clinic’s health clients. There is likely more involved in creating a healthy bedroom than just putting shielding against radio frequency radiation (RF) in place. Magnetic field exposure (listen to podcast) for example and geopathic stress can have a big impact on your environment and magnetic fields especially, might stop you from investing any money in unfixable situations.

Elegant trim on the NOVA Shielding Canopy

Elegant trim on the NOVA Shielding Canopy

When shielding against RF is indicated (phone towers, smart meters, wifi etc.) the best approach would be to use shielding paint in combination with shielding fabric on the windows. This way the protection is as high as it can be and it’s ‘hidden’ from being obviously visible. This solutions you cannot take with you though and takes a bit of work (you can do yourself) to get in place. A Shielding Canopy is the other option here.

A Shielding Canopy can quickly be put in place, offers excellent protection against RF radiation too and can be taken with you if you move on to another home. Clients have reported that the use of several stick-on wall hooks can even be used to suspend it from the ceiling so drilling holes might not even be needed.

Select the right size – Why you want it a little bit bigger

When selecting the size for your canopy, please consider the following: The canopy should ideally not be flush to the sides of the bed. This is for a reason you may not have considered. When entering and exiting your bed, you’re going to put your feet outside the bed and sit there first. If the fabric is flush with the sides of the bed, it means it’s hanging in your face. Not that great. More importantly, the edges of the fabric could hang low to the ground or on the ground (should be suspended) and you could maybe step on it with your feet. This would pull on the top of the fabric and stitching and if you’re unlucky, may tear something. That would be a shame. – Get your canopy wide enough to create a little clearance area next to your bed for comfort and space.

Shielding canopy against EMF radiation and phone towers 5G

NOVA shielding canopy against EMF radiation comes in different sizes.




Shielding: RF up to 43 dB (99,99%)

Sleeve for suspension of EMF Shielding Canopy

Sleeve for potential use of a support bar (not supplied)

Mounting options: Connection loops are fitted to the top of the canopy that can be connected to anchor points on the ceiling. Additionally, the canopy has sleeves fitted to the top as well, through which simple timber bars could be placed. These bars could then be connected to the ceiling and provide a more straight look to the fabric.

Height: 2.20 Meter
Depth: 2.20 Meter
Selectable width: 1.30 / 2.00 / 2.30 Meter

NOTE: NOVA fabric is protected against the deterioration that washing would pose, by its outer material. This much needed feature does preclude the material being used against electric field exposure and so electric fields must be addressed by the usual other means.

Care instructions

Wash gently on the wool cycle, hand wash program or delicate cycle at 30C / 86 F.
Please only use mild, ecological, phosphate-free detergents.
Do not use bleach! Ironing without steam at lowest level. Hang dry the canopy.

• Do not dry in the dryer machine
• Don’t wring or squeeze (to remove water)
• No chemical cleaning

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 17 cm

130x200x220cm – 4.2×7.2×7.2 Feet, 200x220x220cm – 6.5×7.2×7.2 Feet, 230x220x220cm – 7.5×7.2×7.2 Feet


Cotton, Polyester


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