Grounding tape for shielding paint.

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Grounding tape for shielding paint.

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Grounding tape to connect your shielding paint to ground for safety and reduction of electric field exposure.


Grounding tape for safety and electric field protection

Grounding tape is almost always required when applying shielding paint to create a Faraday cage. The grounding tape forms a connection between the highly electrically conductive shielding paint and the ground of the electrical system found in the power outlet or by connecting to a water radiator or connected to a dedicated grounding stake.

In Europe it’s a requirement that shielding paint is grounded. It may also be an insurance requirement.

Application of grounding tape

Ideally the grounding tape is applied after the first coat of T98 shielding paint as been applied and the paint as dried. After the second coat of T98 and once it as dried, the grounding tape is connected to ground by a licensed electrician. Possibilities are to ground to the ground of the electrical system accessible in the power outlet, a water radiator or a dedicated grounding stake could be connected to.

It is also possible to apply the tape after the second coat of T98. In this case, the tape is applied and afterwards it does need to be over painted with shielding paint (just where the tape is) so that the tape still ends up touching the paint on both its sides.

This is not difficult to do and can be done by the home owner/resident.

The use of grounding tape is not only a safety against electric shock in case of rare electrical malfunction. It is most importantly also a way to allow the shielding paint to become an effective barrier against electric fields from wiring that sits behind it. These will be led away by the paint when it is grounded.



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