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The CORNET ED88T Plus EMF Meter is a popular EMF meter combining a wide frequency range in a light weight design and single axis assessment of magnetic fields.

Health Client discount is not available on this product. Many products do have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.

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An extremely popular EMF meter
The CORNET ED88T plus triple EMF meter combines feature rich portability with wide frequency range for Radio Frequency radiation with single axis magnetic and electric field assessment
The ED88T plus is a success story in EMF radiation circles and seen in sites like and various Facebook EMF concern groups. With a light weight design and host of features as well as a wide frequency range, it is easy to understand why this meter is so popular and has many people singing its praises.
This instrument lets you investigate Magnetic fields and Electric fields from:
  • power supply cables,
  • solar panels,
  • inverters,
  • appliances
  • ordinary home wiring
  • wiring faults and more.
With regards to Radio Frequency radiation, the following sources can be assessed and found:
  • 5G Tower-to-Phone radiation levels
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi routers ‘claiming’ to be able to deactivate Wi-Fi on
  • SMART METER radiation output
  • Cordless Phones
  • Bluetooth
  • Game Computers
  • Spy camera, wireless bugs
  • Microwave ovens (these ALL leak)
  • Airport navigation systems
  • and much much more
Quick rundown on usability
There is lots you can do with this EMF meter and for those with a technical interest, you’ll be able to do many things and even customise the warning LEDs. For the novice user, the ED88Tplus does offer straight out of the box usability. Simply turn it on with the wheel on the right side of the unit and it starts measuring.
The MODE button allows you to choose out of FOUR assessment modes. 1 for RF (Radio Frequency), 1 for Electric Fields (wiring) and 2 for Magnetic Fields (Use the LF30 mode is health and lower exposure is the interest).
You may refer to sites such as LOCALEMF to get a recommendation on what levels are considered are thought to be potentially harmful based on much research and what levels are are the aim for a healthy home or workplace. The LEDs on this meter will also relate levels to a ‘warming colour’. These are adjustable and we recommend setting these to the most conservative setting.
Whilst the display shows current exposure, you will also find much value in keeping an eye on the PEAK VALUE it remembers for you. The exposure graph then also shows you if exposure has been ‘high’ constantly or if a PEAK was a more rare occurrence.
We are professionals
The ED88Tplus won’t disappoint the lay person / amateur. Whilst not professionally used by professional EMF consultants, we (the people making this meter available to you) have extensive experience on a professional level and will be able to answer a few questions as part of your purchase.

Include an online course and dispel any doubt that you’re using the ED88T-plus correctly

online course in use of EMF meters

You’d learn so much with some training on how to hold your EMF meter and interpret the readings

Patrick van der Burght is a global authority in EMF assessment and mitigation and as an instructor has taught hundreds of people how to do this professionally. Many of those now working in the field as consultants. – You can learn from Patrick how to use the ED88T-plus meter (and other meters) by including an online course with your ED88T-plus meter purchase.

The online course contains about 3.5 hours of video content:

  • explaining the different EMF radiation types in our lives
  • showing you what to measure,
  • showing you the ED88T-plus in use or the ED88T-plus and other popular EMF meters (depending what course option you select to include)
  • explaining what to look out for that most amateurs would never think to look for
  • how you can double check particular issues you may find.

You have two options to choice from: OPTION 1 includes videos about the theory of EMF radiation and videos about the use of various EMF meters including the ED88T-plus. OPTION 2 includes the same videos about the theory of EMF radiation and the videos about the specific use of the ED88T-plus meter only (not the other popular meters)

Multiple-Meter Course ED88Tplus-only Course
Videos on EMF Theory

Videos on the use of the:

– ED88T-plus Meter
– UHS2 Gauss Meter
– TF2 Trifield Meter
– GEOVITAL HF Field Probe
– GEOVITAL EM Field Probe
– and more…

Videos on EMF Theory

Videos on the use of the ED88T-plus

After you purchase this option, we will set up your course access for within 1 or 2 days.

Manufacturer’s information
ED-88Plus Electrosmog meter is a Tri-mode device for quick measurement of both High frequency (RF) Electromagnetic wave field strength/power density level, Low frequency (LF) Magnetic field level(Gauss, Tesla), and Low frequency (ELF) Electric Field(V/m) for living environments.
It is an excellent device for individual or company with Electromagnetic wave safety concerns.    It has RF bandwidth of 100MHz to 8GHz with high sensitivity (0.5uw/m² to 1.8w/m²), LF bandwidth of 50Hz to 10KHz (or 50Hz to 1KHz) with sensitivity of 0.1uT to 60uT(1mG-600mG) or 0.01uT to 1uT(0.1mG to 10mG), and E-field bandwidth of 50Hz-50KHz with sensitivity of 10v/m to 1000v/m. The RF Frequency display function (100MHz-2.7GHz) can detect very short burst of digital RF down to 100usec. Data Logging function is also included. 


Sensor type:            Electric field sensor and Magnetic field sensor

Frequency range & Sensitivity:

  • RF: 100MHz to 8GHz   (-60dBm to +5dBm),(0.5uw/m2 to 1.8w/m2),   (14mv/m to 26.2v/m)
  • LF1: 50Hz to 10KHz (0.1uT to 60uT)/(1mG to600mG)
  • LF2: 50Hz to 1KHz (0.01uT to 1uT)/(0.1mG to 10mG)
  • E-field/ELF: 50Hz to 50KHz (10v/m to 1000v/m)
  • Frequency display: for RF mode only, 100MHz-2.7GHz,   -35dBm minimum signal input required

RF Peak power measurement:      0.5uw/m² to 1.8w/m²Display type:            digital LCD graphic display

Unit of measurements:             dBm, mw/m², v/m, uT, mG, MHz

LCD back light:               15 seconds auto-off and manual on/off control

Display of data:

  • LCD 4 and 5 digit,
  • 8 LED color segment,
  • Moving Histogram (level/time) of previous 30 recorded data,
  • Analog segment bar

Data update rate:            Sampling rate: 10000/sec. Display update rate: 2/sec.Error rate:            RF: +/- 3.5dBm, LF: 20%, E-field: 25%

Functions:               Hold, Max, Average, Sound signature, Alarm, Frequency

Sound & Alarm:            Sound on/off/volume control, programmable Alarm triggering level

Safety standard indication:           3 safety range indication by 3 Red LED, adjustable LED level

Data Logging:              1000 data storage point memory for logging/recording measured RF signal level

Battery used:             9V alkaline battery or external power supply through USB port (5V)

Battery life:             >20 hours


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 4 cm

with amateur online course, with multiple-meters amateur online course, without amateur online course


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