Results of EMF shielding incorporated in a Hemp Home Construction project in New Zealand

GEOVITAL is involved with an increasing amount of home construction projects in which EMF shielding is incorporated and avoidance strategies are followed. In this new build hemp home we were involved from the beginning with our friends from HempTech. Predictable sources of EMF exposure were identified during the planning stages to be avoided where possible or mitigated against.

On top of the hill behind New Plymouth there is large phone tower raining radiation down on the town below which would influence the ‘health facotr’ of building a healthier home from hemp. This is how we got involved. In the video you see Steve Hewitt a senior consultant of GEOVITAL do a body assessment to show what happens to EMF radiation exposure when he enters the shielded home and the progresses to the bedroom which had been shielded with T98 shielding paint also.

The results of the shielding are well demonstrated when the levels are compared coming from outside to inside.

The HF Field Probe seen in this video is a meter that many professionals use to investigate radio frequency radiation on the body. You find in our shop under the METERS category.
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