The Oura Ring with CEO Petteri Lahtela
Health Stronghold Podcast – Episode 3

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Podcast with Petteri Lahtela about the Oura RIng, on Health Stronghold by Patrick van der Burght

Podcast with Petteri Lahtela about the Oura RIng, on Health Stronghold by Patrick van der Burght

When I heard about the Oura Ring and sleep monitoring… I thought ‘Here we go again’. There are various body monitoring devices and I often shake my head. Wireless technology is usually used to connect these devices to an app and I feel the body can’t help be react to the radiation which won’t be desirable but it may even effect the recordings.
I was delighted to find out that the Oura Ring has ‘Flight Mode’ and that it’s creators had already created the ability to terminate these signals. Then I was interested and ordered my Oura Ring. To my surprise, Petteri Lahtela signed up for my EMF Assessment and Mitigation course in Austria and we got to spend a week with each other. Petteri was a lovely guy. As much as he could see our passion and care, so could we see it in him and his venture.
It was the perfect moment to organise an interview about this pretty amazing product and the importance of sleep which is what my work as consultant centres around as well.
In this podcast Petteri Lahtela enlightens you about many facets of sleep you won’t have been aware about and the benefits or sleep monitoring as well as activity and maybe more importantly inactivity monitoring becomes quite clear.
For those who own an Oura Ring this interview will provide more knowhow on how to use and interpret your collected data.
Enjoy the interview.
Patrick van der Burght
Radiation from the Oura Ring?
Wireless devices emit radio frequency radiation to connect with other devices. This is likely to be a stressor to the body. The Oura Ring can be put on Airplane-Mode for exactly this reason. We did a little test to show that with Airplane-Mode enabled, no RF radiation is transmitted.

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