May we test your house in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, for free?

Is there a string attached to this? Yes, but only a little one:

We are coming up to a practical workshop in which students from around the world come to Melbourne to learn how to assess homes for EMF radiation and Geopathic Stress. This is at most 6 students. – We need some homes as examples, where we can do an assessment with you and these new consultants.

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th July – During the day

How does this work?

With a maximum of 6 students and likely 1 or perhaps 2 teaching staff, we will assess your home, with your involvement, as we always do that. A student may explain things, the senior staff may elaborate and the home gets assessed with you. Some of the students may just observe… some may participate.

The teaching staff may need to correct a student or explain something to them during the assessment, so all involved will have to be patient in this process.

An assessment with a consultant can vary in price depending on the experience  of the consultant. With Patrick van der Burght involved, this would not be the cheapest option.
You will get this at no charge as we use it as a teaching location.

What do I do?

If you are in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (we can’t travel too wide for time restraints) then you can submit your name by going to the form that the below link takes you to.

  • Put in your details and of course full home address.
  • You’ll get a confirmation email and we ask you to email us a photo of the front of your home and a photo of you circuit breaker panel.
  • In the coming weeks we’ll select 2 or 3 homes from the list, based on the learning opportunity the home presents for the students, its travel distance and things like that.

If you know someone this may be perfect for, please pass on this email.

Perhaps, we’ll see you soon.