Video Q&A: Can anyone shield against 5G phone tower radiation?

We get asked lots of questions by our friends on Social Media. We answer them here.


‘Shielding paint and shielding your bedroom sounds complicated. Can really anyone shield against 5G radiation?’

Shielding a bedroom is not difficult as can be seen in this video where a mature lady takes action to protect this bedroom against radio frequency radiation by applying T98 shielding paint from GEOVITAL. RF radiation is not the only EMF radiation type that may need to be addressed in order to create, what we would call, a health supportive bedroom. That is why we strongly recommend to get a home assessment done by a GEOVITAL consultant so you know what needs to be improved and when it comes to application, which you can mostly do yourself, you have someone knowledgeable who knows your home, to ask questions to.

After possibly prepping the walls, T98 shielding paint can be applied. It needs to be grounded which is done by applying a grounding tape onto the first layer which connects all wall panels and the ceiling via the tape. This tape is then grounded by a licensed electrician, often inside the power outlet (varies per country, ask your electrician). The second and possibly 3rd layer of T98 shielding paint is then applied and over painted with another undercoat and then the topcoats.