Professional EMF radiation consultant training course overview

Becoming an EMF consultant who can help other people (and themselves) involves a fair bit of knowledge that must be made your own. It is not difficult though. In our Academy for Radiation Protection in Austria we teach a 4 day program in which this can be learning. Of course the four days are filled to the brim and you could say it is an emersion experience. Meeting like minded people is also considered one of the highlights by many who have attended this training over the last 40 years. In this video you get an impression of what training is like and the kind of people you might might.

The alternative to this CLASSIC style course, is the new ‘EMF Business Start-up Program’ put together by Patrick van der Burght. It starts with a guided online module (EMF1) which is a stand alone program and can also see you active in the field.

Regardless what training is done, practice is of course needed gain confidence. After your course with Patrick, you will have access to ‘Office Hours’ meetings in which you can stay in touch and ask additions questions.

Find the CLASSIC course (typically one English course a year during the European summer) and the EMF1 guided online course in the shop.
Check out our calendar for webinars about the ‘work’ of a consultant.