Verizon Claims 5G Will Help Fight Cancer. Experts Say That’s Not Likely

Carl Bode reports: To hear wireless carriers tell it, fifth-generation (5G) wireless is going to revolutionize the planet by fueling the rise of smart cars, smarter cities, and countless innovative new technologies.
While 5G will deliver faster and better mobile networks, however, experts say that most of the ultra-futuristic benefits of 5G have been absurdly overhyped by wireless carriers.
For example, Verizon—whose patchy 5G network has only just started coming online—has claimed in recent marketing that 5G will revolutionize health care by facilitating next-generation surgery tools, as well as VR and AR based diagnostic imaging. Other ads go even farther. A new Verizon promotional video features cancer patient testimonials set against a backdrop of emotional music, before claiming that Verizon’s 5G network will “give doctors the ability to fight cancer like never before.”
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