Prime Minister of Poland signs appeal against 5G

Prime Minister of Poland signs appeal against 5G 'In what is surely an unprecedented and groundbreaking action, the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, has personally backed an International Appeal to stop the controversial roll-out of 5G electro magnetic microwave telecommunication transmissions. 5G, a new millimetre band frequency range being introduced by the telecommunications industry worldwide, has been identified by over 2,000 scientists and 1,400 medical doctors from all over the World, as presenting a direct threat to human health, as well as to animal, insect and plant life.' Read more here

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Hundreds of parents sign petition urging switch from iPads to books

School policy to use iPads only sparks action in parents Kids work out how to use technology like iPads real quickly and parent will tell you, but the benefit and that it is 'convenient for staff' seems to be the only argument for the use of tables in school. Beside this, there is of course the EMF radiation issue to consider and on that basis tablets have not place in schools either. Parents are now taking action to overturn their school's position to use iPads only. Visit Irish Times here

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