EMF Radiation Home Assessment
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The investigation with a professional, should be the basis for any mitigation.

Most homes leave much to be desired when it comes to electronic pollution and so an EMF Radiation Home Assessment is advisable both in response to health issues and preventatively. Prevention is always better than trying to fix this when problems arise.

Our consultants follow the procedures of the EMF Radiation Home Assessments protocol as set by GEOVITAL. With its 35 year history as a health clinic in the mountains of Austria and bench-marking its approach and mitigation against the successes with those patients, it stands alone in this industry.

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What is involved in an EMF home assessment?

You will be surprised what is going on in your home when it comes to radiation exposure. Our consultants are there to guide you through this process and facilitate your learning. You’ll be using the meters yourself and play an active role in the assessment, which can typically take between 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on how many bedrooms, questions you have and sometimes tricky situations there are to investigate.

An assessment may start with an introduction and short explanation of the process ahead. The day-time areas of the home are investigated with you and the effects for internal wiring and internal and external sources of radio frequency radiation. Certainly not limited to this:

  • Local distribution lines (power lines) nearby
  • Meter box and circuit breaker panel areas
  • Effects of solar power systems
  • Internal wiring in the walls and ceilings
  • Cellphone towers
  • Smart meter
  • Wi-Fi
  • Airport navigation systems, and much more.

By the end you should have good understanding of your exposure and the verifiable solutions available to your family to take care of business.

Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and EMF consultant Patrick van der Burght

Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and Patrick van der Burght.

Not only it is time to get your home assessed for EMFs…
it is well overdue.

You’ve waited long enough. Your body has put up with the relentless interference to your sleep quality for way too long. It is time take action. – Book an appointment with our of our consultants around the world today. The on-site assessment also gives you access to Health Client Pricing which is a significant discount on most of the products that we have in the store.

Contact Patrick’s PA if you want his personal involvement, or