Creating a low RF radiation sleeping environment can also be done when travelling

A Shielding Canopy is a great idea for at home, but can also be used on the go. Tom won’t put up with poor sleep any longer and takes action.

A Shielding Canopy is great solution against RF radiation

This NOVA shielding canopy can easily be hung on walls or ceiling. The decorative edging on top is also a sleeve where slim timber or plastic poles can be placed to give a nice straight edging. The opening has proper overlapping and there is enough height to the fabric.

The fabric should ideally hang just above the floor, but not touch it, in order to prevent stepping on it when getting in and out of bed. When not on ground floor, a shielding canopy needs to be complemented with a sheet of NOVA shielding fabric on the floor (or under a rug under the bed). Alternatively, also some GPA mesh can be used which can also be grounded which can be a nice bonus to reduce electric field exposure from the floor.

Quick TEST and Quick installation

Hanging up a shielding canopy is easy. In this example we used some adhesive (easy to remove) hooks and wire. The in-built sleeves in the top of the NOVA canopy are there so timber or plastic rods can be used to give the shielding canopy a more straight look.
When Tom goes back on the bed, the exposure to RF radiation is reduce dramatically. This despite the fact that the floor area under the canopy should have also been shielded, which wasn’t done.