Radiation-Free Building Course Tiny House or Extension – Self-Guided

$398.00 USD

Self-Guided online course in EMF Radiation-Free Building of Extensions and the Tiny House. Access to an online knowledge centre is included for your learning which can also be accessed again later.

Access to online knowledge centre is typically set up within 1 business day of purchasing your access.


EMF radiation protection of tiny homes

With the small space, protecting a Tiny House against the dangers of EMF radiation is very manageable and cost effective

Self-Guided Online Course in EMF Radiation-Free Building for Tiny House or Extension

You’re building an extension or Tiny House and would like to make it as healthy as possible with EMF radiation protection incorporated. This is not difficult to do but you need to know a fair bit about electricity, wiring, potential problems to avoid, shielding options, application and so on. Not to forget about Site-Selection!

The Radiation-Free Building Course for Amateurs on the subject of Tiny House or Extensions is a manageable course where you can study at your own pace from start to end. This is a self study course, with access to an extensive online knowledge centre where you find the training videos of Patrick van der Burght teaching you what you need to know.

NOTE: This course does not include guidance or live teaching. If you desire guidance and also to receive some input on building plans you may have, you should check our calendar if we have a GUIDED version of this course coming up, or you should express your interest to us so we can schedule one sooner.



This course gives access to an online knowledge centre
where you study with videos and you’re also able to revisit it for review later.

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