EMF2 – 12 Months EMF Business Teachings and Online Practical

$257.00 USD

12 Months access to the EMF Business Teachings via and online knowledge centre. For those with GEOVITAL instruments, a live online supervised home assessment can be done.

Prerequisite: EMF1 enrolment


EMF2 – 12 Months Access to EMF Consulting Business Knowledge

Prerequisites for EMF2: Enrolment in EMF1

The new EMF2 module is the perfect complement to the EMF1 guided online course. EMF2 gives you access to valuable insights on how the get started in the EMF assessment and mitigation industry and more:

  • EMF Business Skills Knowledge over 12 months to sharpen and prepare your start in the EMF industry (Accessible from the week you purchase EMF2)
  • optionally participation in an online home assessments, where you assess your own (or someone else’s) home whilst we watch and assist you over zoom*.


EMF business skills Videography

EMF business skills Videography

EMF Business Knowledge

There is a lot to know about an industry and the best ways to get started as a consultant. As part of the EMF Business Start-Up Course, the optional EMF2 module gives you hours of valuable information about a range of subject that will affect your start as an EMF consultant. Here are some examples of what may be offered:

  • Networking training session
  • Effective Communication session
  • Videography for content creation
  • Hosting a webinar
  • Exhibiting at an expo
  • Business Basics training sessions (2)
  • Public speaking
  • Time management

Sessions are available to you inside your EMF2 online knowledge centre (OKC), in which sections are released to you over 12 months. Access to the OKC will stop after 18 months.


time management business skills training for EMF consultants and others

Time management is an important skill in business and life. Improving your skills in this area will improve both.

Access to EMF2 starts now

Once you enrol in your 12 months of EMF2, you will be set up with access to the Business Sessions, typically within the week. If you purchase EMF2 along with for example an EMF1 guided online course, you will be able to attend EMF2 Business Sessions if they are hosted before your EMF1 course starts. This way you can start learning about the EMF business before your EMF1 course starts.


Find out a lot more details about the EMF2 module, here

*NOTE: Participation with the assessments requires you to have your set of GEOVITAL instruments and having an assistant with smart phone and independent data connection to follow you around during your assessment for feedback of the trainer and observation by other PRO students. This will be recorded and stored for later viewing by students. You must obtain permission from the home owner for this to be recorded.

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