GEOVITAL Geopathic Stress Mat.

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Geopathic Stress shielding mats for under the bed have been protecting the sleepers from unwanted natural radiation for over 35 years.

Only available to clients who have had a home assessment done by one of our trained Geobiologists.

Health Client discount is not available in addition to the listed product price as the discount has already been applied due to the fact it’s available to assessment clients only. Many products do have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.

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Geopathic Stress solution with a 35 year history

In the past people thought that moving the bed was the only thing they could do to deal with geopathic stress and even then one has to realise that a different geopathic stress ‘picture’ is often moved onto which is completely undesirable when trying to improve health. Nowadays we have far better and efficient ways to deal with geopathic stress that also keeps working for a long time.

The GEOVITAL Shielding Mats have been a trusted geopathic stress solution for over 35 years.

The dipolar rings in the mats produce an interference against natural radiation (geopathic stress) and cause a resistance. The radiation shifts to avoid the resistance and finds itself a new path. In practical terms this means that with a normal bed, the radiation is is push away about 50cm 1.5 foot outside the edges of the mat. This then results in a radiation reduced zone in the sleep area.

Important regarding Geopathic Stress solutions:

  • Geopathic stress shielding should not be so strong that the remaining radiation is brought back to ZERO!
    The shielding strength must be selected carefully so that the remaining radiation sits at 400 stimulation factor, whilst that is a comfortable natural level, which people need to sleep well. Too much geopatchic stress is not good and affect wellbeing, but too little is also not good.
  • Metal influences the effectiveness of geopathic stress protection.
    The internal rings function well as long as no disturbing factors are near. Any pieces of meter (everything over 1 meter in length and up to 1 meter above the bed area) interfere with this function. This includes box spring mattresses, bed frames from metal or with metal in them like the support rails for timber slat-systems, most adjustable bed frames, mattresses with silver threads incorporated, water beds, grounding mats, extension cords and more. Screws, corner brackets and metal feet is ok.
  • Strong magnetic fields also interfere
    Transformers, local distribution lines through the street and faulty internal wiring can produce magnetic fields. At levels of 400nT (4mG) the function of geopathic stress solutions are severely affected. These fields should be measured for and avoided.
  • Don’t bend the rings!
    Inside the shielding mat are 3 or 4 ring systems. During moving and folding for transportation, the mat can only be bend in the areas where no ring are, otherwise the rings can be bent or dislodged from their location within the mat and their function stops. Placement of the mats should therefor be selected to be free from forces that could damage the rings. No heavy things on top, no roller boxes to slide over the mat and enough space so no bending will occur when mats are put in place.
  • Don’t put your shielding mat between the slats and the mattress!
    Taking into account the weight of an average sleeper plus the weight of a mattress, the pressure on the mat would be large and damage to the ring system very likely. The mats should be placed flat on the ground with nothing on top of them.

No MAT INSTALLATION with an assessment by a GEOVITAL trained Geobiologist

Our To continue a tradition of doing things properly and to maximise the chances of the desired outcomes, our shielding mats are only available after a bedroom assessment by one of our trained professionals. We want to make sure that the environment is suitable for the use of the mats and what other things may be affecting health and wellbeing. This is not only in our best interest when it comes to our reputation but also for the sleeper of course.


Double beds need double protection against geopathic stress

The function of the mat comfortably assist the area of the sleeper above it and goes a little bit wider. It is not wide enough to place one mat under two people sleeping in the same bed. Two mats is then required.

Maintainance routine

The mats attract ionised particles in the air. These particle will start to reduce the function of the mat over time. After 6 to 8 months this reduction can be 100%. The mat is then not broken, it just can’t work against the interference.
To prevent this from happening we recommend that every 6 weeks and no later then every 3 months, that the mat is cleaned with a vacuum clearer hose. Your geobiologist will explain this process.  –  Keep to this routine and you’ll be having optimal benefit of your GEOVITAL geopathic stress shielding mats.

Need a home Assessment for Geopathic Stress?

Find our consultants on this page and look for ones with the ability to check for Geopathic Stress.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 65 × 15 cm

Type III – Standard Strength, Type IV – High Strength


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