Minister in PNG brave enough and to halt 5G introduction

Minister of Communication and Information Technology Timothy Masiu in PGN takes a stand for wellbeing and common sense by halting 5G introduction in Papua New Guinea

How refreshing that a minister seems not to be puppeteered by industry and economical interests. Minister Timothy Masiu in Papua New Guinea (PGN) has halted the introduction of 5G after hearing logical arguments from industry experts. Telecommunications giants Bmobile and Huawei being unable to produce convincing evidence that 5G was tested and safe to health and the environment, the logical step that this minister was willing to take, was to put 5G on hold.
The world is rallying to create public awareness in light of so much good research that 3G and 4G are already not safe and that 5G’s EMF radiation exposure will be far more intense. Only 2 weeks ago we saw the global 5G protest day. It’s wonderful to see some government officials do take the wellbeing of their population serious, even if they are not in charge of ‘health’ themselves.