Grounding of GPA Shielding Mesh, how is it done?

Grounding of GPA shielding mesh is done with metal strapping or hole band. You can buy that in hardware stores, but it's always wide, tough to cut, unforgiving when bend and generally difficult to work with. Our metal strapping / hole band is easy to cut, easy to bend back and comes in convenience dispensing cases, ideal for the job. GPA shielding mesh used to shield new home from 5G and radio frequency radiation The grounding needs to make contact with every panel of GPA mesh. So, for example, if you have 3 strips of GPA mesh going around [...]

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Grounding of GPA Shielding Mesh, is it necessary?

Grounding is great when GPA Mesh is used on the inside of a wall, with wiring behind it. The electric fields produced by normal wiring and other outside sources can then be led away by the GPA when grounded. You do not need grounding to make the shielding against radio frequency radiation work. That will work regardless if it is grounded or not. When using GPA mesh on the outside of wall framing, the wiring is on the inside with you and so grounding wouldn't help you with electric fields. It may still be desirable or required to be grounded is [...]

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