Environmental Electromagnetic field and Female Fertility

By Leila Roshangar and Jafar Soleimani – “There is no doubt that cell damages are the basis of all disorders occurs after EMF exposure. In support of our findings Sandra et al/ (Sandra et al. 2000) suggested that EMF-exposure might impair mammalian female reproductive potentiality by reducing the capacity of the follicles to reach a developmental stage that is an essential pre requisite for reproductive success…
…our results suggest that apoptosis plays a critical role in the degeneration of ovarian cortical tissue, luminal epithelium, glandular epithelium and stromal cells in uterus and luminal epithelium in fallopian tube. The present EMF-exposure model can be used when striving to find ways to improve the viability of ovarian tissue in order to grow follicles for subsequent IVF treatment, and or to protect reproductive organs from EMF effect. …”
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