Patrick van der Burght hosted GEOVITAL’s English live-workshop in Austria this year. Demand was too great and because we like to keep courses small, we decided to host 2 course back to back to give everyone the attention and experience they deserved.

Listen to what those who attended, liked to say to you

There were some big names in these courses. Petteri Lahtela from Oura Health in Finland (the Oura Ring) attended, as well as Dr Caroline Schier from the USA, famous Bulgarian actress Evelina Pecheva and health icon Karliin Brooks from New York. Other attendees came from Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Latvia, Ireland, England, Serbia and Italy.

Take a look inside our EMF and Geopathic Stress assessment and mitigation course

This time we thought to give you a much longer look inside the course. Have a look, sit back and enjoy it.

Did you know? – In the EMF course we covered radiation sources, assessment techniques, presentation skills, mitigation of EMF through verifiable solutions and much more. Most students commented they like the practical exercises the most.

Join us next time in Austria or elsewhere.