Austrian parliament commissions study on 5G and its health risk due to public concern reports that the Austrian parliament has commissioned a study into the health effects of 5G networks due to concerns among the public the new generation of mobile services could pose risks from increased non-ionising radiation exposure.
The study was commissioned by a consortium of the Institute for Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ITA) and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). The results will be submitted by January 2020. Parliament stressed that the results for citizens should be “easy to read”.
These research institutes already provide the parliament with scientific advice on many topics and so it will be interesting to see if they will acknowledge the 20,000 plus peer reviewed research studies of which the majority indicate harm from non-ionising radiation from sources we are already exposed to, like 3G 4G and Wifi. Our interview with Dr Mallery-Blythe highlights the research available and some of the politics that seems to be played in hiding this information. Most of this research is continued to be ignored or dismissed by advisory bodies of the Austrian and many other western countries.
The study commissioned by the Austrian parliament is expected to be ready by January 2020, claimed to be providing an overview of the latest research on the topic. The report will be published on the parliament’s website.

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