Don’t Buy or Rent a Sick Home!

Most homes need EMF mitigation, but some homes and land can’t be fixed.
Let’s find out what your proposed property is really like.

Having a pre-purchase EMF radiation inspection done before committing to any property is must do ‘check’ when considering any property. It is not just the big transmission lines one should be worried about. Underground power can make lots of trouble with magnetic fields which are likely unfixable.

It is certainly not rare that properties are affected by radiation.

  1. Electric fields from internal wiring annoys the body all night long in most bedrooms, but this is normally fixable one way or another.
  2. Radio frequency radiation from transmitters like phone towers, radar, wi-fi etc. affects more and more homes with, what we and our industry considers, too much exposure. This too is fixable though and often not a reason to think twice about a property.
  3. Magnetic fields are the most important radiation type to assess before committing because they can often not be mitigated against.

If you are still in doubt whether or not EMF affects health, then let Dr Mallery-Blythe educate you in the video below or download the Bioinitiative Report from and read the summary at least.

Most homes are affected by EMF radiation and some are unfixable

Even if you have taken some measurements with an amateur EMF meter, you should let the professionals double check your assessment and situation, check the other levels of fixable EMF and cast a professional eye on how these things would be best addressed once you have purchased the home. The most important thing is to assess the magnetic fields as this may be a ‘walk-away’ situation, in which case you would have dodged buying a lemon of a home where EMF is concerned.


Let our men and women shed some much needed light on the EMF exposure in your proposed home purchase or rental lease. Just like a pest inspection, a structural building inspection, the EMF Pre-Purchase Inspection needs to be done to be well informed about this proposed live-changing step you are about to take.


It is mostly transmission lines that prompt people to ring us about pre-purchase inspections. We explain to everyone that ANY power cables, even the small ones running along the street (both above and under ground), can cause substantial magnetic field exposure. For this reason, any property must be checked for magnetic fields before committing. Not just ones near transmission lines.

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