PHYSIOLOGA® Baby Mattress.

$618.00 USD

Health Client discount is available.  Many products have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.

Our kids mattress – better comfort, better sleep for everyone.

The Baby Cod Mattress has a high air permeability and ensures a good sleep environment.
The cover is removable and its top and bottom side can be separated too. It is machine washable at 40C/104F.
Another advantage: Reinforced sides in the inner toxin-free foam make it more natural for the baby to prefer the middle and give extra strength for when the baby finds its feet and stands on the edge of the mattress.

Well priced and durable.
Special foam with good support


PHYSIOLOGA Health Mattresses

GEOVITAL Baby mattress

At GEOVITAL, high quality comes naturally

  • Well priced and durable
  • Special foam core with good support
  • Manufacturing according to body weight
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Electrically neutral

The baby mattress is particularly air-permeable and thus ensures an great sleeping climate.

The cover is divisible, removable and machine washable at 40C / 104F.
Another plus point: Sturdy edges prevent your child from slipping when they try to stand for the first time in bed.

Only the BEST MATERIALS for the PHYSIOLOGA® Therapie Healthy Mattresses

  • Physiologa labelBiologically neutral materials
  • Appropriate materials in an approach against the effects of radio frequency transmissions and radiation from electrical wiring
  • Climate support with lots of fresh air moving through the mattress
  • High air permeability to oxygenate the skin and to reduce the chances that your mattress becomes a haven for bacteria, dust mites and other unwanted invaders
  • Antistatic and electrically neutral
  • Cover made from high grade TENCEL
  • Dermatologically tested, also suitable for allergy sufferers
Tencel mattress covers on Physiologa mattresses

High quality Tencel covers are used to complement the Physiologa mattress designs.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Size Mattress

130cmx70cm / 51×27.5in, 132x75cm / 52×29.5in, 140x70cm / 55×27.5in

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