Who is Joanna Dobrzeniecki?

A globetrotter who has lived in 10 countries and traveled to over 45, has acquired knowledge in speaking French, Spanish and Polish. Joanna had studied with Patrick at Geovital in Austria and is a health conscious Mom who has trained and researched many facets of how to live in a healthy home.

She is married to a German Neurosurgeon and together they focus on shielding their 6yr old son from all the wifi gadgets that attract kids today. She has a Masters degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a Bachelor’s of Commerce with Honors from the University of Windsor. She’s available in SW Ontario but is willing to help others further away too.

Based in Tecumseh, ON, Canada


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

Profile Picture

Joanna Dobrzeniecki
“We need to look after ourselves, but even more so, our children.”

Some highlights

Joanna has helped many families make better lifestyle changes and choices.   Whether you have kids, elders, or are managing a team of employees, everyone and every place deserves to be better protected in their home and work environments.

A client in the Netherlands, who had just lost her husband in his 30’s to cancer and was frightened on how to ensure a more protective future for their kids. Joanna traveled and included the children in her trainings. One client in London, UK, after learning about their home environment, took the step to move out of their flat and have never looked back.

She likes to engage with the family and find ways that will make their daily life easier. Sometimes, some of the tools people choose to use to thrive in the daily grind cause us the most harm. She has been giving workshops at colleges and universities in different countries and is now working with local school boards.

Alongside traveling the globe with her family, she enjoys working on her organic garden, designing renovations, has a huge passion with cooking and is a culinary nutritionist, enjoys photography, hiking and playing board games with her family.