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WEBINAR: What is involved in being an EMF consultant?

Are you also passionate about educating others about the dangers of EMF radiation exposure in our environment? That is something we have in common with you. Given the amount of research available on EMF, it is so unfair families are being exposed to this. Assisting families by offering a service to discover what the situation is in their home and how it can best be mitigated against, is a rewarding field to be in. In this webinar we’ll dive deep into the work of an EMF consultant in the hope it will ignite the fire in you to stand up and help others in a satisfying career.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What Radiation Issues you as a consultant would be looking out for.
  • How a consultation is structured so it flows naturally.
  • Why is it not difficult to do an assessment with a team behind you.
  • What course options are available for you to learn this subject without prior experience.
  • How you could work with Patrick and GEOVITAL or one of the local offices.

This webinar tends to go for 2 hours or over. You’ll be shared way more than we should, but then again it is fascinating to work.

Sit back, absorb it all and ask your questions at the end.

 Join us in this Free Webinar on

March 17, 2022 at 11:ooam Thursday Melbourne Australia Time

(See Schedule Overview below as your reference for your time-zone)

Schedule Overview

Los Angeles, USA 05:00pm Mar 16* Wed
Chicago,USA 07:00pm Mar 16* Wed
New York, USA 08:00pm Mar 16* Wed
United Kingdom 12:00am Mar 17 Thur
Mainland Europe 01:00am Mar 17 Thur
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia 08:00am Mar 17 Thur
Dubai, UAE 04:00am Mar 17 Thur

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