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FREE EMF Radiation Assessment and Mitigation Training Webinars
Early and Late time slots available

Patrick van der Burght is one of the most experienced trainers in the EMF assessing field through his work for GEOVITAL and taking care of its English courses. Patrick will be hosting for an unknown length of time a series of short webinars that will cover in incredible depth the EMF assessment and mitigation procedures he teaches in his PRO-Level program the ‘EMF Business Start-Up Course’. You will learn in one of two different time slots to cater for all time-zones, in bite-size pieces, about EMF radiation, how to assess it, variables, use of amateur meters and professional meters, mitigation logic and approaches and more.

The subjects that will be covered will be vast:

  • Magnetic fields from outside
  • Magnetic fields from inside the home
  • Magnetic fields from wiring errors
  • Magnetic fields from stray current in the area
  • Magnetic fields from appliances
  • Electric fields from outside sources
  • Electric fields from internal wiring
  • Electric field behaviour around people
  • Radio frequency radiation from outside source like phone towers, radar, airport navigation, wifi
  • Radio frequency radiation from internal sources
  • Radio frequency radiation devices you wouldn’t expect
  • Dirty Electricity
  • Amateur EMF meter use
  • Amateur EMF meter selection/differences
  • Amateur EMF meter limitations
  • Professional EMF meter use
  • Professional EMF meter differences
  • Professional EMF meter limitations
  • EMF radiation mitigation strategies for magnetic fields
  • EMF radiation mitigation strategies for electric fields
  • EMF radiation mitigation strategies for RF radiation
  • EMF radiation mitigation application…
  • the list can go on……

TWO time slots to cater for all time zones

Patrick’s followers are everywhere so 2 time slots have been picked to make sure one suits you. Replays are also available!

Find our more and register right now.

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