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Online Meetings for EMF2 students during LockDown

Patrick's EMF2 Practical Workshop EMF assessment - Lockdown Online Meetings

EMF Radiation Practical Assessment Workshop students are offered online training sessions leading up to the workshop

Whilst we’re waiting for global lockdowns to let us meet in person again we’ll meet online with EMF2 students to provide you with added training. Are you enrolled/paid for an EMF2 practical workshop but you have to wait till we can schedule the practical workshops again when lockdowns ease up? Then you can join us in this surprise offer of Patrick to host additional online sessions with a practical theme for EMF2 students committed to do EMF2 workshop who are patiently waiting.

Being committed (enrolled/paid for) an EMF2 workshop would give you these benefits till you can actually come and do an EMF2 workshop in Austria or Australia:

  • Access to the Business Sessions online
  • Access to the newly created ‘EMF2 Lockdown Mastermind Group’ online sessions
  • Ability to have your copy of the simple website shown at www.emfinvestigation.com made for you once you have completed EMF1 (you provide a URL to use and hosting of the website, and we’ll paste your assignments into needed pages or leave the text there blank for you to add them later)
  • Price lock for your workshop. If the cost of EMF2 increases, you have already paid for your EMF2.

Join this meeting

If you haven’t been emailed already, request a registration link to these Zoom meetings from our support team.

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