Who Am I?

Tim Sawyer has over 6 years’ experience with radiation assessments of homes and businesses. He previously held the position as a radiation safety officer and lectured in radiation protection.

Based in Adelaide, Australia


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

  • Mattress Consultant

Profile Picture

Tim Sawyer
“An accurate assessment requires scientific measurements.”

Some highlights

I enjoy providing professional Radiation Assessment services to clients, whether it is measuring land before building, commenting on house plans or mitigating EMF in a home or business environment.

An overseas client was looking to purchase a unit for his daughter in Adelaide. After assessing 3 houses we finally found a suitably low EMF unit. The real-estate agent was impressed with my investigation and asked if I could assess his home for EMF mitigation.

Developing a good repport with the client is important to me. This involves spending time to explain the measurements and answering all their questions. I have had clients contacted me years after the assessment seeking my advice on EMF concerns. As a consultant being knowledgeable about the changing landscape of EMF is essential, so I can provide the best advice to my clients.

For the last 4 years I have been developing a healthy home on large parcel of land in the Adelaide Hills. Not only has this involved creating a very low EMF home but a sustainable off the grid living environment. Our home is one environment that we can control and making it a safe and healthy living space as much as possible is important.