Who Am I?

Paul is based in Florida and also has a presence in Chicago. He has been doing EMF inspections for 10 years. He credits his training with Geovital as a key component of his ongoing competence in delivering a great inspection for all forms of EMF, including magnetic, electric, and RF / HF radio frequencies. Paul is equipped with professional-grade gauss meters, RF meters, and of course, the specialized Geovital Field Probes to perform “on body” measurements. Paul offers friendly service and has an easy-to-understand way of presenting his findings and recommendations.


  • Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Geopathic Stress assessments

Profile Picture

Paul Singer
“Geovital trained EMF testing and consulting services in Toronto, Chicago, and surrounding areas.“

Some highlights

I enjoy doing pre-purchase inspections. I’m also very fulfilled when I’m able to help people deploy Geovital’s shielding solutions for their bedrooms.

I’m gratified to have been called on to do EMF inspections for Toronto City Hall, the Israeli Consulate, and the Alberta Government.

I start by doing a series of tests to get a quick overview and then drill down to the specific EMF readings room-by-room. I pay particular attention to the bedrooms since that is where the body regenerates. I’m super proud to have the Geovital meters to show how my clients’ bodies react to their specific EMF environment. This is something that regular EMF consultants don’t have in their arsenal.

I’m a photography buff (landscape and astrophotography).