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Who Am I?

My name is Noura Othman, I am a pharmacist with a masters degree in disaster and crisis management. I worked as an emergency management specialist in the humanitarian sector for the past 10 years in different locations. In January 2018, I went through a health crisis that changed my life. After moving to a new house, my health started to deteriorate rapidly, it felt like all my systems are suddenly falling apart. My cognitive skills started to suffer and I began to experience memory loss, chronic fatigue, horrible headaches, tinnitus, insomnia and later on I developed benign tumors and almost anything I ate troubled my digestion and had to undergo three surgeries but nothing was working. All my tests and scans were normal, but clearly I wasn’t. Until one day I emailed a therapist who finally solved the mystery; I fall into a growing category of people who are “Electro Hyper Sensitive (EHS)” and the new house was close to an electric substation which triggered the EHS symptoms. I immediately moved out and started my journey of learning and healing from the damages caused by Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs).

Little did I know that those invisible waves can cause such a huge damage. I became concerned about the safety of my family and loved ones especially with the current rates of wireless technology proliferation which is expanding in an unprecedented levels in nearly all houses, schools, malls, restaurants and work places. Not to mention the already existing radiation due to the electric wires and faulty connections. I decided then to actively take part in helping people protect themselves from radiation and became a Geobiologist with Geovital Academy.

I consult with clients in the Middle East and offer most of my in person services in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

I help my clients create healthy sleep sanctuaries and offer the following services:

  • Pre purchase/rental EMF assessments.
  • Home and school EMF assessments.
  • EMF mitigation strategies.
  • Shielding services.
  • Geopathic stress assessment and mitigation.

Through following a holistic health approach and a strict EMF hygiene regime, I was able to heal myself from the electro hypersensitivity and I am always passionate to help my clients assess and mitigate their exposures to such an overlooked toxin in today’s world.


  • EMF Home Assessments

  • EMF Radiation assessment

  • Pharmacist

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Noura Othman

Some highlights

I always love when I discover that a small intervention can make a big difference. I helped one of my clients in Dubai completely eliminate the high electric fields in her bedroom and drastically reduce her Radio frequency exposure by turning off only one switch and changing the position of her bed.   

Thanks to my journey of learning and healing from EHS, I introduced the concept of EMF  hygiene to different networks, schools and institutions around me, I also feel very rewarded whenever I help fellow EHS reduce their exposure to EMFs.

  • Before arriving at the house, I do a complete mapping of the area to explore possible external causes of radiations.
  • I then perform a thorough assessment of EMFs to identify the possible sources of high exposure inside the house with focus on the bedrooms, sources can be: Wifi routers, baby monitors, bluetooth devices, lights, electric wires, gaming consoles…etc.. Using Geovital probes I can precisely assess the body load and identify the high exposure areas/causes.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to mitigate the effects of EMFs with prioritizing bedrooms as this is where bodies rest and regenerate.
  • Perform geopathic stress assessment.
  • I keep open communication channels with my clients and remain committed to support their health transformation journey.

I love to connect with nature, I find my element in the vast wilderness; camping in the desert and scuba diving. I enjoy learning and keeping abreast of the latest health and wellness science and trends.

I am a world traveler as well and enjoy learning about different cultures and history. Big fan of pilates and my favorite treat is to spend quality time with my family.